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🎯 Who we are

At CBFS, our foundation is built on unwavering trust and integrity. These principles are at the heart of every relationship we cultivate and every service we provide. We understand that trust is the foundation of successful partnerships, and we are committed to upholding it in everything we do. We also work with our partners, making sure to forge strong connections. We believe in fostering meaningful connections with our clients and partners, grounded in transparency and reliability. Open communication, and a dedication to delivering on outcomes, underpin all our partner interactions, and also underpins our relationship of trust. Our commitment to integrity extends to the products and services we develop. Each offering is meticulously built to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. We take pride in ensuring that every product and services reflects our dedication to giving you the best shot at achieving your goals. When we talk about integrity, we mean it! Upholding the highest ethical standards is non-negotiable for us. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions, conducting business with honesty and sincerity. This steadfast commitment to integrity reinforces the confidence our stakeholders have in us. At CBFS, trust and integrity are not just words – they’re the guiding principles that drive our every decision. We are devoted to deepening the level of trust between CBFS and all those we serve, ensuring a future built on solid, principled relationships.

🚀 Empowering Entrepreneurs Through Innovation

The genesis of CBFS is rooted in a realization – a realization that Pakistan’s MSMEs and SMEs remained underserved and overlooked by the formal financial sector. While others saw barriers, we saw opportunity. Our journey began with a CreditBook, a ledger and bookkeeping app that connected us to this underserved community. Through our work at CreditBook, we aimed (and continue to aim) to imrpove the financial outcome for entrepreneurs.As we delved into the lives of MSMEs, we discovered a painful truth: they existed on the fringes of formal financial institutions not by choice, but due to a glaring gap in understanding. Traditional and formal financial institutions were not building for this community’s unique needs and aspirations. This void inspired us to take action.CBFS emerged as an extension of the CreditBook mission – a mission to empower entrepreneurs. We are committed to bringing about tangible change by designing tailored financial solutions that cater specifically to the MSME and SME ecosystem. Lending, savings, and treasury – these spheres represent our roadmap for innovation.

At CBFS, we stand on the foundation of understanding. We have not even scratched the surface of the needs and pain points of this large underserved and unbanked population, and this drive to understand and learn is part of our company ethos. We’ve transformed challenges into opportunities, bridging the gap that once kept entrepreneurs from their rightful place in the financial landscape.Our approach is not one-size-fits-all; it’s bespoke. We craft solutions that fit snugly into the unique requirements of MSMEs and SMEs. Through flexible lending, impactful savings strategies, and robust treasury management, we empower entrepreneurs to seize control of their financial destinies. CBFS is more than an institution; it’s a movement – a movement to rewrite the narrative of MSMEs and SMEs in the financial realm. Join us as we reshape possibilities, one entrepreneur at a time.

🙌 Meet Our Team

Ammar Habib Khan

Ammar H Khan: 14+ years in Wholesale Risk Management, Corporate Strategy, Energy Economics, Asset Management. Leading CreditBook's SME finance arm. CEO of Pakistan's first SME guarantee company. Expert in policy frameworks, risk models, credit assessment, SCR certified. Published writer and Non-Resident Fellow at Atlantic Council. Ammar is the Chief Executive Officer of CBFS

Zain Umar

Hasib Malik

Hasib was one of the founding members for Pakistan’s first B2C neobank and NBFC that exited to an international fintech. Hasib has core expertise in digital transformation for financial services company, most recently as a director to JSCL and prior working at Bain in digital transformation for FTSE 500 companies in financial services. Currently Hasib serves as co-founder and CEO at CreditBook — the first company to be backed by Tiger Global — to improve financial outcomes for entrepreneurs in the region. Hasib sits in CBFS board.

Iman Jamal

Iman is Co-Founder and Head of Design at CreditBook Technologies. She has led technology projects in the U.K, the Netherlands, South Africa and Pakistan, including the design of a digital product for one of Pakistan’s largest banks. Iman was named in the Forbes 30u30 list for 2021 and was chosen as a female technology leader by Standard Chartered Pakistan in 2020. Iman sits in CBFS board.

Hisham Adamjee

Hisham is the co-founder and COO of CreditBook. He has almost 20 years of experience in a multitude of fields including private equity, trading, sales, FMCG, power generation, tech and automotive across the MENAPAK region. He sits in CBFS board and leads the stock based financing vertical at the company.

Daniyal Hassan

Daniyal serves as an Engineering Lead at CreditBook Financial Services (CBFS), with a specialisation in product development within the financial vertical. Daniyal specialises in blockchain, distributed systems, system design, and advanced networks, which he leverages to drive innovation in financial engineering. His work at CBFS focuses on developing cutting-edge solutions to build and enhance financial systems and payment processing pipelines, reflecting his commitment to driving technology advancements in the industry.

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