Liquidity Services

Liquidity Services

We offer a wide range of liquidity solutions to make sure you always have the capital to fuel your business growth.

Working Capital Finance

APR: 36-42%
Tenure: 30-120 days
Daily Rate
No early repayment or minimum utilization penalties
Collateral based on facility size
Daily rate to accrue during no. of days payment is late

Stock Based Financing

APR: 48%
Tenure: until 30 days
Borrower receives goods from supply partner, not cash in hand
Rate is accrued daily, so early repayment reduces total fees due
No early repayment penalty or minimum utilization fees
Partial draw down and partial repayment facilities both available to customer
Late fee of 0.5% to be charged after 3 day grace period

Client Feedback and Reviews

In the heart of Karachi, Lucky Mart and Pharmacy shine bright with five branches since starting in 2020. Mr. Sarfaraz, the owner, bravely guided his store through the tough times of COVID-19, gathering loyal customers. Yet, a challenge remained – managing money matters was tough. Month after month, Mr. Sarfaraz struggled with keeping enough things in stock and having money when needed. Losses of 100K to 120K happened often, making things unstable. Then, in early 2023, a solution came along. The CreditBook SME Financing Facility offered a hand. Things started to change. With better money tools, Mr. Sarfaraz handled money better, kept his store stocked, and avoided running out of things. The difference was clear. Sales went up, showing better money management. Feeling the positive change, Mr. Sarfaraz set big goals – opening two new branches by the end of 2023. The partnership with CreditBook was the turning point. Lucky Mart and Pharmacy, once held back by money worries, started growing and making money. More people joined to help, letting Mr. Sarfaraz focus on big plans. This story of Lucky Mart and Pharmacy tells the story of what CreditBook does best – helping small businesses grow. With special money services, we help businesses break free and achieve success. As sales reports show more profits, Lucky Mart and Pharmacy prove that better money management can create amazing results.

    Mr Sarfaraz

    Lucky Mart and Pharmacy, Karachi

    In the face of challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Faizi emerged as a beacon of resilience. He had to close his small pop-up paan shop but used the opportunity to grow his business into a fully fledged kiryana store, with multiple product offerings. Little did Faizi know that the ongoing economic crisis would lead him to question the wisdom of transitioning to a physical store. Collaborating with his brother, he steered his shop's operations, driven by determination and an unyielding spirit. Faizi's journey began with a modest PKR 25,000 loan, collateralized by Coca Cola stock, in a partnership between CreditBook and RetailPay. This financial lifeline enabled him to meet crucial payments and gradually transform his enterprise. As the loan amount scaled to PKR 65,000 per cycle, Faizi harnessed its potential, effortlessly securing essential stock for his shop. With every cycle, he etched success deeper into his business fabric. Faizi's foresight has yielded remarkable results, evident in his 40% surge in sales volume and an impressive 60% SKU growth. The transformation extends beyond figures, encompassing Faizi's steadfast revenue growth. Between 2021 and 2022, the strategic financing have given him a remarkable 30% revenue increase. Faizi's narrative exemplifies the synergy between his unwavering commitment and CBFS's financial support. In Faizi's triumphant journey, CBFS sees a testament to its mission – empowering dreams to flourish, nurturing businesses, and forging partnerships that redefine success. As Faizi continues to pave his path, CBFS stands beside him, championing his every endeavor, and celebrating the embodiment of entrepreneurial success.


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